Our syllabus for all students encompasses the three ‘K’s of karate:

Kihon – Basics which are the foundations of good karate
Kumite – The combative side of karate
Kata – Arguably the most important of the three ‘K’s using basics and combat in a self disciplined training regime

The katas we teach start with the ‘Uke’ kata devised to introduce the student to kata utilising the basics they learn as a beginner.

The following katas take the student through the beginner levels these are Pinan Katas: Nidan – Shodan.

Pinan Katas:  Sandan РYondan РGodan are taught at intermediate level.

At advanced level we introduce higher level katas which use the previous katas in a more complex form: Kushanku – Naihanchi – Bassai

From black belt we then introduce the remainder of the Wado Ryu katas: Chinto – Seishan – Wanshu – Rohai – Niseishi – Jion – Jitte

Along with the katas we teach strikes, punches and kicks at each level increasing in complexity as the students progress.