The physical aspects of karate promote fitness, health, character and sportsmanship whilst challenging the mind to focus on the core values of respect, discipline, honesty & integrity. This allows our students to develop into valued members of society accountable for their own development and actions. Students of karate, known as karate-ka, are more likely to achieve well in education, work and in everyday life.

Our program covers the Wado Ryu system of karate which encompasses self defence, awareness, confidence, self control as well as focus and determination. The physical aspects of karate are critical but, without developing character, are meaningless.

Our karate classes are tailored for children, youths, and adults. We have classes for all ability levels, from beginner onwards and are goal based through our grading system. The challenges in the dojo are reflected in our grading procedures which are demanding yet achievable and rewarding. This encourages our students to set and realise their own personal goals and achieve their full potential.

All of our students are taught to extend their own ability. We do not ask the impossible but we do challenge them to fulfil their potential, which they will find is higher than they thought. We do this by maintaining a high standard of karate, which we never let slip, at CMA Karate we teach karate of quality not quantity.


Kihon is a Japanese term meaning basics or fundamentals when translated in English. The practice of Kihon is performed by all karate-ka regardless of grade, focusing on the basic techniques, stances, blocks, kicks and punches, it acts as the foundation of Karate training.

Kihon allows the karate-ka to practice the correct body form, breathing, focus (kime) and attitude, all of which helps foster and strengthen the correct and proper spirit. It is a repetitious activity, promoting muscle memory and instils in the karate-ka the concept of improving their technique each time it’s performed.

Kihon is practised often, in many cases we practice Kihon in every training session by all students to ensure solid basics, which helps in all aspects of our Karate.

Children's classes

Children's classes

Youth classes

After School classes

Adult Classes

Adult classes

Ages 16+

We teach karate to many adults although we find most of the adults are parents of karate children. Adults practice karate for many varied reasons from building confidence to self defence and fitness.

Adult classes follow the same syllabus as youths which builds slowly on the basics to reach advanced level. We also look for adults with the right ethos and capabilities to go on to teach karate if they would enjoy passing on their knowledge. This coupled with national refereeing and coaching qualifications means that we offer a comprehensive training in the art and way of karate and give back for what we receive.

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We offer a competitive membership with exclusive access to our online resources, containing videos and information to compliment the expert tuition in the dojo.

Starting with a four week introduction course members can then choose to sign up to two different training options covering 50 weeks of the year;

Our training fees are one annual fee divided into 12 easy monthly payments for training at our regular weekly classes.
Once a week at any dojo, throughout the year, £40 per month.
Unlimited training at any of our dojos, throughout the year, £50 per month.
After school classes may differ.

As well as classes running throughout the year we also provide courses on subjects in our syllabus, these are tailored to allow students to work on specific elements of their grades, these run on  monthly basis. We also run grades on a bi-monthly basis.

We also support a local business I.M.P Sports Therapy run by one of our former students, Sensei Sarah’s son Ian. He looks after a number of us at CMA Karate and offers a discounted rate to members of the association as a special member benefit, click on his logo below to find out more.

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A black belt and white belt are the same. White belt is the beginning of technique, black belt is the beginning of understanding. Both are beginner belts. - Hironori Otsuka

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