How do I know I will enjoy karate?
Before asking you to join CMAKarate we offer you the chance to try karate for 4 lessons.  If you would just like to watch the first lesson that is fine or join in a class straight away.  If you would like an adult to stay with you they are always welcome.

How do I join CMAKarate?
Joining CMAKarate is easy.  After completing your four taster lessons your instructor will give you a membership application pack which will tell you how to become a member.  When you decide to join CMAKarate everything you need is included in this pack including your karate suit (gi).

How can I be sure CMAKarate is a recognised club?
We aren’t just one club, due to the number of clubs we have we are an association which is affiliated to the English Karate Federation (EKF) the governing body for karate.

How old do I have to be to join CMAKarate?
We look at children from the age of 5 years and the four taster lessons allows us and them to decide if they enjoy karate. There is no upper age limit for karate. Many parents who start out by watching their children also decide to join.  This is a fantastic way to share quality time and an interest with your children.

Where is my nearest CMAKarate club?
Follow this link for your nearest club  dojos

Do you run classes during the holidays?
Classes are available during the school holidays and students will be notified and dates published on the website of holiday training.

What else does CMAKarate do?
At CMAKarate we believe that there is more to karate than just training. We have many social events which include barbecues, sleep overs, training on the beach, fund raising events.