COVID-19 Update - Training this week

When the pandemic hit we at CMA Karate promised our students that we would not stop training, we would find a way to continue the quality teaching that we have always offered.

We are still accepting new students at this time, please Contact Us for more information.

Now that all areas are in tier 4 we have put together a timetable of classes to begin on Monday 4th January until further notice.

The main difference is that each instructor will offer classes only to their own students (those who normally train with them), however Sensei Barry will take classes for all brown and black belts.

Sensei Barry, Sensei Sarah and Sensei James will send out Zoom links by email or a WhatsApp group to their students the links will NOT appear on the CMA WhatsApp group.

The timetable is as follows:

For Sensei Sarah’s students on a Monday and/or Thursday

5.30 pm Children white and red belts  yellow stripe, yellow, orange stripe and orange belts

6.05 pm Children green, blue and purple belts

6.45 pm All youths and Adults


For Sensei Barry’s students on a Tuesday and/or Thursday :

5.00 pm Children all grades up to and including green stripe

5.35 pm Children green, blue and purple plus all youths and adults up to purple belt

6.10 pm All ages brown belts and black belts


For Sensei James’s students on a Tuesday:

5.00 pm All children up to green strip belt

5.45 pm Children, green belt up, all youths and adults

We would like to thank all our members and students for their continued support throughout this difficult time.

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Have no regard for the martial aspects (when training), but rather adhere to the way of peace (harmony and tranquillity). - Hironori Otsuka

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