Dear Sarah,
We’d like to wish you a wonderful Christmas and a very happy New Year! And thank you for being the awesome Sensei you are, the boys just love your classes and the magic that is karate!
Long may their love and passion for it continue, which you have helped instil into them both - B is sure he will eventually be a black belt and teach others, as you have inspired him so. He is always telling us ‘a black belt is a white belt that never gave up’.
Love the Webberley family xxx
Miranda Webberley
Dear Sensei Sarah

Thank you so much for teaching my son Travis.
He has more confidence since he joined your class. Karate is not only a sport but a way of life you are educate them so well!!!
Thanks to this, he is doing so much better in his orher school subjects. You are amazing for generating such a lovely change, thank you Sensei!
I have enjoined doing karate even though I haven't been doing it long and I am very grateful to the sensei's and to everyone as they helped me to be more confident and able to just be my self so thank you very much!
Dear Sensei

Thank you so much for being an amazing teacher and making me work hard.

Love from (name withheld for internet)
P.S. Please can you make me work harder? Thank you xxx
Letter from a student after passing a grade
My two sons have each spent many years training under Sensei Sarah and have both achieved a high grade, thanks to Sarah's knowledge and guidance (and endless patience!). They have obviously learned an awful lot of Karate over the years but have also benefitted in so many other ways. Physically they've become fitter, faster, stronger, more flexible, they have more stamina and are more confident about what they can do with their bodies. Mentally they have grown in confidence - especially in the early years - with Sarah giving them just the right amount of encouragement to realise that by pushing themselves they can achieve a lot. It's great to see the young ones looking up to the older kids obviously in awe of the techniques they're exercising, then later to see them confidently doing the same techniques, because they were encouraged to try, learn, work, practice and perfect. The same goes for the older students who have to train that bit harder as they progress, but you can see that they've learned early on to work hard, knowing they can achieve their goals. Discipline is perhaps obviously a part of Karate but again, it's something the kids pick up week-on-week at the dojo and which they adopt as natural. I think the discipline Sarah instills at the dojo really helps when applying discipline at home. Lastly, self-discipline is something which they learn but almost without realising it. They now know instinctively for example, when to be quiet and pay attention, how to treat other people, how to focus, and how to push themselves (rather that have someone else push them). All in all, my boys are physically much, much better off having trained under Sarah, but more importantly are nicer, wiser, and far more confident, self-motivated and considerate than they otherwise would have been. Sarah knows her Karate inside-out, is a great teacher, obviously has a passion for Karate and really cares about what and how she teaches her students. And she has the patience of a saint (did I already say that?). All of Sarah's students really respect her and I would recommend Sarah to anyone considering taking up karate or thinking of having their kids take it up.
Just want to say big thank you to sensei sarah ... I don't really collect kyran as his step dad collects him.. he started karate in April and we wasn't sure he would be able to do it let alone grade but he did grade in October... his Dr and teacher have commented recently how much his balancing/coordination has come on so much... he had coordination problems since he was 19 months old... hope it's OK to post here as I don't really get to karate to collect him to thank her
Kyran's mum
I have been training at CMA for about 5 years now and I would just like to say how happy I am with the club. My self confidence has rocketed, All the Sensei's have welcomed me and feel like on of the CMA family and I can't imagine my life without karate.
We just wanted to let you know how happy we are with yourself and CMA Karate.

In such a short period of time we can already see that you have the most wonderful way with all the children mixing fun, discipline and respect which we admire greatly.

Bryony has made some great friends and is so very passionate and excited about Karate.

Bryony was very happy and so proud that she was not only selected for grading but to then achieve her Red belt as well, she was on cloud 9 and even more motivated!! We all really enjoyed the summer fair/grading event down in Uckfield so thank you to all involved.
Mr. & Mrs. Johnson
Doing karate over the years has boosted my self-confidence and has allowed me to do things which I don't think I would have otherwise been willing to do.

The friends I have made at CMA are some of the best friends I have known and hope to know for a long time to come.

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