Formed in 2009 by our senior instructors, CMA Karate follows the principles of the founder of Wado Ryu Karate.

The practice of karate is a challenge and at CMA Karate we meet that challenge through our unique program. The physical aspects of karate promote fitness, health, character and sportsmanship whilst challenging the mind to focus on the core values of respect, discipline, honesty & integrity. This allows our students to develop into valued members of society accountable for their own development and actions. Students of karate are more likely to achieve well in education, work and in everyday life.

Our program covers the Wado Ryu system of karate which encompasses self defence, awareness, confidence, self control. The physical aspects of karate are critical, but without developing character are meaningless.

Our classes are targeted at different age groups and ability levels and are goal based through our grading system. The challenges in the dojo are reflected in our grading procedures which are demanding yet achievable and rewarding. This encourages the students to set and realise their own personal goals and achieve their full potential.

At CMA Karate we are fortunate to have been taught by some of the best karate-ka in the UK including the late Master Tatsuo Suzuki 8th Dan Hanshi one of the foremost students of Master Hironori Ohtsuka 10th Dan Meijin  the founder of Wado Ryu Karate Do.

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Sensei Barry Lovett 5th Dan

Sensei Barry Lovett

I first started martial arts at the age of 8 in 1963 studying Judo in the Orpington Dojo of Sensei Bill Garnett.

At the age of 12 I won the first of three Southern Area Judo Championships.

I passed my Judo black belt at the age of 14 under Sensei George Chew 6th Dan at the London Budokan. It was while I was there that I saw this strange art called karate.

I was educated at St. Olaves and St. Saviours Grammar School, London and then at H.M.S. Conway  Naval Training Establishment. After serving in the Navy I worked for many years in the spanish haulage business working in Spain and the U.K. and travelling extensively throughout Europe.

I started training in karate in 1986 after watching my two sons Martin and Kevin at Sensei Terry Robins’ Dojo in Peacehaven. I trained for many years and eventually took my 1st Dan in 1995. My sons competed at a high level in karate. Kevin winning the English International Open at the age of 11 and Martin went on to win the Wado Ryu European Championship in Italy in 2000.

Having started karate too late in life to be able to compete at a high level, I dedicated myself to teaching and refereeing.

I opened my first clubs in Lindfield and Hailsham in 1997 and have subsequently opened clubs in Uckfield and in various schools.


Grading Record

Shodan – 1st Dan – 1995 – graded by Sensei Chris Kent 6th Dan, Sensei Terry Robins 4th Dan and Sensei Keith Collier 4th Dan

Nidan – 2nd Dan – 1999 – graded by the same panel

Sandan – 3rd Dan -2004 – graded by the same panel

Yodan – 4th Dan – 2008 – graded by Sensei Robert Heale-Mason 8th Dan and Sensei Chris Kent 6th Dan

Godan – 5th Dan – 2014 – graded by Sensei Jon Wicks 8th Dan W.I.K.F. World Chief Instructor


Other qualifications in karate

Attained Association Kumite Referee 1992

EKGB National Kumite Judge 1995

EKGB National Kumite Referee 1997

EKGB National Kumite A Class Referee 2000

Appointed WIKF England Chief Referee 2010

British Karate Federation A class Referee 2012

Officiated at numerous competitions at all levels up to International Tournaments

EKGB and KE National Senior tournaments – 1995 onwards

EKGB and KE National Junior tournaments – 1995 onwards

EKF national Championships 1998 onwards

British Championships – Glasgow – 2001 onwards

British Junior Championships 2003 onwards

London Borough Youth Games 1992 onwards

Venice Cup – Italy 2001

Eindhoven Open – Holland – 2002

Europa Cup – Venice 2002

WIKF National Championships – 2010 onwards – Chief Referee

WIKF  World Championships – Dallas, U.S.A. – 2011 / London 2013

WIKF European Championships – Italy 2000 / Greece 2012 / Cyprus 2014 / Denmark 2015/Netherlands 2016


My most memorable time in karate was accompanying Sensei Tatsuo Suzuki 8th Dan to Japan in 2003 and taking part in training in his dojo in Nihon University. Then attending his 75th birthday celebrations which also commemorated his 60th year in karate training. The pictures can be found in the gallery.



Sensei Terry Robins 5th Dan who taught me from a raw beginner. I owe him a debt I cannot repay

Sensei Chris Kent 6th Dan – One of the most talented martial artists I have known. He showed me the way.

Sensei Sarah Padget 4th Dan

Sensei Sarah Padget

My name is Sarah Padget and I have been involved in karate since 1996.

My first contact with karate came when my son, then five, wanted to be a Power Ranger, but we settled for a karate class instead.

After watching my son for six months I decided to have a go with a friend.  A bit of a dare really but I was hooked.  Since then, I have progressed through the grades and after 3 years of supervised instruction as an assistant instructor I gained my Karate England National Coaching qualification and since 2002 have run classes for children and adults.

I was born in Worcester and grew up there in the 60’s and 70’s.  I attended the local secondary modern girls’ school where music and sport vied with each other for the number 1 slot.  I enjoyed swimming , netball and fencing but my favourite sport at school was trampolining, which occupied many nights after school.  Music, however, won the battle by a narrow margin. I took up the clarinet aged 10 and later the trombone.

After studying music and physics ‘A’ levels I worked for a year with a local blacksmith making mainly wrought iron fencing but gaining needed workshop experience before embarking on a full time 3 year course a Newark-On-Trent in Nottinghamshire.  I studied Woodwind Instrument Making and Repairing in the music technology department, gaining a distinction.

On leaving Newark I moved to Bexhill and later Hastings where I was self-employed repairing musical instruments.

My son Ian started karate aged 5 and gained his Shodan (black belt) in karate in September 2002 at the age of 11 and his junior 2nd Dan in 2007 and I am so proud of him for that. Ian is also severely dyslexic and karate has helped him build vital confidence which has benefited him in all aspect of life.

Karate for me has grown from and interest and sport into a major role in my life.  There is always something new to learn and improve on.  Unlike most sports, my karate will get stronger and give me more rewards the longer I practise it and I look forward to discovering more as the years go by.







Assistant instructor KMAC 2000

KMAC Instructor 2002

Paediatric first aid qualified

DBS certificate

EKGB Coaching Award 2004

WIKF Score co ordinator world championships 2013



Shodan (1st Dan) – 24th March 2002

Nidan (2nd Dan) – 20th March 2005

Sandan (3rd Dan) – 7th December 2008

Yondan (4th Dan) – 17th December 2017

Sensei James Archer 3rd Dan

Sensei James Archer

I began my training in the January of 2006, mainly because a friend and I decided that we could not spend every evening sitting in front of the television. I’ve always wanted to take up a martial art but never really did anything about it, at school I was never interested in taking part in any kind of sport which is still true as an adult.

By chance we came across a club in Uckfield run by Sensei Barry.  I remember feeling quite intimidated watching the class the first time I was in the dojo but after the first training session I was hooked, throwing myself in to as much training as possible, reading books and taking a look into the history of Wado Ryu.

It sounds strange but the year I started my karate training two amazing things happened, I met my partner and got a new job both of which I believe I owe to karate. For many years of my life I felt like I really didn’t fit in anywhere but in the dojo I feel I have found my true home and like minded people. Karate is now a way of life for me and I am very fortunate to have a partner and family that supports me completely, my partner and I have a son and I hope that when he is old enough he will follow in my footsteps.

I am fortunate to now be one of the most senior grades at our club. I finally found what I was looking for at CMA Karate. I love the club, I was one of Sensei Barry’s first dan grades under his new club and it was a very proud moment, like joining a big family!

I am a traditional karate-ka enjoying the traditional aspects of Wado, especially kata, pairs. I really like practicing tanto and tachi dori. At CMA Karate we explore the uses of karate for practical self defence which I also enjoy.

Over the past years I have had the privilege of not only training directly under Sensei Barry and Sensei Sarah but other notable karate-ka such as Sensei Jon Wicks 8th Dan Chief Instructor WIKF and on a number of occasions the late Master Tatsuo Suzuki 8thDan Hanshi founder of the WIKF, Suzuki Sensei gave me real perspective on the way I train and live, I am very appreciative for the time I spent with him.

As well as training, teaching and assisting Sensei Barry I am also a kumite judge and studying for my referee qualification. I also attend the WIKF Open Courses once or twice a year.


Shodan (1st Dan) – 27th March 2010

Nidan (2nd Dan) – 13th January 2013

Sandan (3rd Dan) – 17th December 2017

Referee Qualifications

E.K.F. Judge ‘B’ – 9th September 2012



WIKF British National Championships 2010 – Table Official

WIKF British National Championships 2011 – Table Official

WIKF British National Championships 2012 – Kumite Judge

EKF National Championships 2012 – Kumite Judge

WIKF British National Championships 2013 – Kumite Judge/Referee

EKF National Championships 2013 – Kumite Judge

7th WIKF World Championships 2013 – Kumite Judge/Referee

WIKF National Championships 2014 – Kumite Judge/Referee

EKF National Championships 2014 – Kumite Judge



I wish to thank both Sensei Barry and Sensei Sarah for their guidance and all that I have learnt from them. I would especially like to thank Sensei Barry for the continual instruction and confidence he has given me, thank you for showing me the “Way”.

Sensei Mark Stears 3rd Dan

Sempai Mark Stears

I began training in September 2002, aged 7, after a friend told me about it and how fun it was. I vividly remember my first lesson, standing at the end of the dojo trying to copy what everyone else was doing.  After that lesson I was hooked; I wanted to learn more.

I used to play rugby for Uckfield, but found myself getting injured too often and spending too much time on the osteopath’s table and not enough time in the dojo.  A decision had to be made and it was to concentrate on Karate. In my years of training I have learned so much, not just about karate, but about myself.  Karate has improved my self-confidence as well as my physical fitness. I have gained an immense amount of satisfaction from training as well as making new friends who share my passion.

Grading Record: 

Shodan (First Dan): 28th September 2008- Sensei Chris Kent 6th Dan and Sensei Terry Robins 4th Dan

Junior Nidan (Second Dan): 2nd July 2011- Sensei Barry Lovett 4th Dan and Sensei Sarah Padget 3rd Dan

Promoted to Senior 2nd Dan 30th June 2013

Sandan (3rd Dan) – 17th December 2017